Custom Services

The information provided in this area is to educate you on what products and services SuperAbrasives® has to offer. This area will grow as we collect and organize data we believe will help you in your understanding of grinding wheels and their benefit to your organization.

SuperAbrasives® custom services are offered to all customers. Delivery schedules and pricing will vary depending on current production levels.

Standard Wheel Shapes

Product Development

SuperAbrasives®' constant development and enhancement process for all our bond structures assures that our customers are getting the best products available. You see, at SuperAbrasives®, we don't try to make the application fit our wheels, we make our wheel fit the application. As a result, we work with our customers tirelessly to establish the best wheel for their need, for their application every time. Please speak to your sales representative to find out how this service can work for you.

Technical Support

We know problems can arise quickly and without warning. That's why SuperAbrasives® offers two types of technical support to our customers: telephone and on-site. Telephone assistance is available Monday through Friday to assist customers with all their immediate needs. For on-site service, arrangements will need to be scheduled ahead of time. Please contact your sales representative for details.

Regrind Service

This service is designed to supply customers with the option of having existing SuperAbrasives® grinding wheels ground back into original form. It can be performed not only on bonded wheels, but also on wheel blanks used for electroplated products.

Mounting & Balancing

SuperAbrasives® offers free mounting and balancing services with the purchase of any grinding wheel and mounting arbor (adapter). We also offer free wheel pack assembly on multi-wheel purchases. These services are also available on products not purchased from SuperAbrasives® for a reasonable fee. Please contact your sales representative for details.

Machining Services

The majority of wheels SuperAbrasives® keeps in inventory come with a 1-¼" arbor hole. This is an industry standard size, but today more and more machine builders are manufacturing machines with alternate spindle sizes. As an additional service to customers, SuperAbrasives® can machine "open" the arbor hole on existing wheels.

CAD and Engineering Services

With the evolution of industry and the ever-changing demands being placed on today's manufacturers, we realize that the needs of our customers are not the same all the time. SuperAbrasives®' CAD and engineering services provide a useful avenue for customers needing assistance with an application design.