Success Stories

Cylindrical Plunge Grinding / Traverse Grind

Part: Transmission Shaft. 5 diameters and 2 faces. small diameter 1.67" x 0.9" wide. largest diameter 2.5" x 10+" wide. 5 plunges 2 faces and traverse grind.
Part Tolerances: Roundness ±0.0002" at 1.67 Cpk
Material: Hardened Steel
Hardness: 58 - 62 Rc
Stock Removal: 0.014" per diameter and 0.010" on faces
Wheel Specification: 24" x 1.7" x 10" Wheel Type 1A1R Vitrified CBN

Conventional Al2O3Wheel

Wheel Speed: 6,500 S.F.P.M.
Work Speed: 65
Pieces per dress: 1
InFeed per dress: 0.0007
InFeed rate: 0.030" per minute (Rough)
Coolant: Water Soluble Oil
Total Cycle Time: 7 minutes

Vitrified CBN

Wheel Speed: 12,000 S.F.P.M.
Work Speed: 100
Pieces per dress: 100
InFeed per dress: 0.00005 with 5 passes
InFeed rate: 0.060" per minute rough
Coolant: Oil
Total Cycle Time: 2 minutes

Savings / Advantages: The old process using conventional wheels utilized two angle head machines - New process can use one machine and still produce twice as many parts as two conventional machines. Process has been running for 10+ years.