The Maximizer grinding wheel
increase profits with The Maximizer

Introduction and Key Characteristics

The Revolution

The Maximizer is a revolutionary product developed by SuperAbrasives as an alternative to conventional aluminum oxide and ceramic wheels. It is a vitrified CBN product that offers all the advantages of traditional CBN but at a reduced cost.

The Design

The Maximizer is designed with an open, porous bond structure that allows for its use on a wide range of steel materials.

The Maximizer is engineered with a segmented design which provides a more consistent abrasive section over the entire face of the wheel and allows for the flexibility to produce unlimited forms, like complex bevel gear forms, and a broad range of wheel sizes.

Maximizer images

The Application

Applicable in both standard and production grinding settings, The Maximizer can adapt to many grinding variables with minimal adjustments required to your operation.

The Savings

Our Engineered Segment System provides a perfect solution to keep costs down by providing an alternative to complete wheel replacement. When a wheel is expired, the used body can be returned and reused for remounting with new abrasive segments-a great savings in both cost and time. Also, individual segments can be replaced without having to replace the entire wheel - so when there's an unfortunate crash you don't lose the entire cost of the wheel, only the damaged section.


Free Cutting

Because of the porous structure of The Maximizer, faster cutting speeds can be achieved while maintaining low grinding pressures. Perfect for lower horsepower machines!

No Burning

This porosity produces a cooler grinding zone which results in the elimination of burn and subsurface damage to sensitive hardened parts like M4, T15, Stainless Steel and Inconel alloys.

Easy Dressing

Dressing made easy with your choice of method-rotary, single point, nib, etc... And no need to be opened with an aluminum oxide dressing stick.

Your Savings

You'll increase productivity and save costs since:

  • Dressing is reduced by at least 7.5 times
  • Wheel life is increased by 20-100 times
  • Cycle Times are reduced by at least 50%

Comparisons to Aluminum Oxide and Ceramic

Wheel Life

Based on your exact tolerances and material type, wheel life of The Maximizer will exceed conventional aluminum oxide and ceramic wheels by 20 to 100 times.

Wheel Flexibility and Adaptability

The Maximizer can produce the exact finish you require without the need for multiple wheels and operations for roughing and finishing. All that's needed is adjustments to the dress traverse rate and exact finishes can be achieved using one wheel and one grit size.



  • High Speed Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Inconel Alloys
  • Titanium
  • Hardened Tool Steels like D2, H13, T15, etc...
  • Iron (grey, nodular, etc...)

Grinding Applications

  • Centerless in both thru-feed and plunge
  • Conventional or Pendulum surface
  • Creep-feed surface
  • Cylindrical O.D. and I.D.
  • Gear


  • Chevalier
  • Harrig
  • K.O. Lee
  • Okomoto
  • Parker Majestic
  • Trutech Systems
O.D. and Universal
  • Campbell
  • Jones Shipman
  • Okuma
  • Studer
  • Studer
  • Unison

(This is only a sampling of the machines that can use The Maximizer.)


One of the best ways to justify converting to The Maximizer is to see a direct comparison to your current application and we can do this with our proprietary software application designed for this exact purpose. Call us to receive your FREE Cycle Time Cost Analysis report.

"The Maximizer is the final bridge that links vitrified CBN to all forms of manufacturing. Because this product can be used on present grinding equipment and low horsepower equipment, it can be retrofitted to almost any cylindrical grinding process. I've converted many of my customer's existing operations to The Maximizer with ease and with great success."
Dale Savington, Tooling and Accessories Group, Omaha, NE