metal bond wheel
metal bond wheel

Metal Bond Wheels

Our experience and success with our metal bond products is an area of great pride for us. Over the years we have worked jointly with several machine builders to design bond systems centered around specific applications. Our standard metal bond systems are excellent; our application engineered systems are superior.


Tried and true, our special bond systems engineered for jig and die grinding have been proven winners for decades. With various bond systems to choose from, you can achieve your exact requirements - whether they are part finish, part quality, cycle times, etc.

Form holding grinding applications are extremely precise and require a high degree of attention to the part finish. We understand this requirement and have engineered unique metal bond systems specifically for these types of applications. Recognizing that part contamination is a critical concern and depending upon the sensitivity of the material you're grinding we have an option that will provide a contamination free grind.

Are you burr grinding, ID grinding, form grinding or even honing? Are you manufacturing surgical tools or joint replacement parts?

If you are doing any of the above or any other precision grinding application we have a solution for you; from special bond systems for medical applications grinding stainless or high speed steels to form holding applications like groove and slot grinding.

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Benefits of Metal Bond Wheels:

  • An extremely tough system with high abrasion and heat resistance qualities
  • Long wheel life
  • Excellent form holding capabilities
  • Excellent choice for interrupted grinding applications