Inspection of the final product is not our solution to quality control at SuperAbrasives. Instead, our goal is to build quality into the product through a series of process improvements that will ensure our customers a consistent, high quality product on a timely basis.

There are several methods and philosophies that we use at SuperAbrasives to build quality into the product. First, we recognize that it is a continuous task. Second, product quality improvement typically leads to follow-up opportunities. The personnel at SuperAbrasives are encouraged to identify and act on all opportunities to improve quality and value for our customers.

SuperAbrasives has made a strong commitment to quality at all levels of the organization. Several key members of our staff have had off-site training related to statistical process control and other aspects of quality assurance. Each operator is responsible for his/her own area of product quality and by implementing this control we have established a sense of pride throughout our organization.

In 2005 we received our ISO 9001:2008 accreditation. This standard of quality is recognized internationally and allows for our international customers as well as our local ones to understand our quality program. Our everyday practices and procedures along with the feedback from our annual audit help us identify areas for improvement and enhancement. Involvement from our customers is a key factor in our quality program and we encourage and invite our customers to work with us as we are constantly looking for ways to improve upon our already high standard of quality.

If you would like a copy of our ISO certificate please see the links below.

ISO certificate

Quality Statement

We are committed to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction, while meeting the requirements of the ISO standard and our quality management system.