Technical Information

At SuperAbrasives we like to help our customers not only with providing them with a product, but also with providing them with insight on how to use our products.

We have compiled some useful information to help you in different areas of wheel use; from truing and dressing, to feeds and speeds and beyond.

We will be adding more information to this sight in the future so please keep checking back to see if we have a solution for you. And as always, we are interested in your opinions so if you have a comment on what you see here or have an idea for future postings please let us know.

Grinding Application Worksheet

Do you have an application you would like some help with? Fill out this form and submit it to our technical staff for evaluation. We will then contact you with our recommendations.

Wheel Feeds and Speeds

Do you have a tool and cutter application and need help with feeds and speeds? See this document for our recommendations.

Grinding Polycrystalline Diamond and CBN Tools

Are you grinding diamond and/or CBN tools? See this article for information about this industry and our research and development regarding our premium line of vitrified diamond grinding wheels.