Quality Statement

We are committed to continuous improvement and customer satisfaction while meeting the requirements of the ISO standard and our quality management system.

Inspection of the final product is not our solution to quality control at SA. Our goal is to build quality into the product through a series of process improvements that will ensure our customers a consistent, high quality product every time.

There are several methods and philosophies that we use at SA to build quality into the product. First, we recognize that it’s a continuous task. Second, product improvement typically leads to follow up opportunities. So with both of the objectives in mind, our personnel are encouraged to identify and act on all opportunities to improve quality and value for our customers.

We’ve made a strong commitment to quality at all levels of the organization with several key members of our staff having certified training related to statistical process control and other aspects of quality assurance. SPC has become an important tool for determining process capability and setting limits. We use these standards throughout our manufacturing process including raw material inspection and vendor compliance.

In 2012 we introduced a new component to our quality program that now provides more transparency and understanding of our processes which then allows us to react faster and apply solutions with increased accuracy and effectiveness.

The End Result? Your assurance that we’re making a consistently high quality product for you every time you order it.

Ask your sales representative or contact us directly to learn more about our quality program.

ISO 9001:2015