Vitrified Diamond

Our Vitrified Diamond grinding wheels Ohio are proven winners for grinding difficult materials in sensitive applications like flame sprayed materials and PCD & PCBN.

We divide our vitrified diamond product line into 2 categories: Ceramics and Diamond.

For ceramic based materials our HP bond system is the right choice. This bond system is rotary dressable, produces excellent stock removal rates, offers excellent grind ratios and is available in both our standard continuous rim and our segmented rim designs based upon the wheel diameter and style.

For diamond based materials we have too many options Best Vitrified Diamond Grinding Wheels Michigan to list here. We’ve been manufacturing this product line including Vitrified Diamond grinding wheels with great success for over 20 years and our performance speaks for itself. No matter what your requirements is – superior edge quality, extended wheel life, fast stock removal rates – we have a bond that will meet your expectations. You will be highly satisfied by our Diamond Grinding Wheel Creamics.

Do you want to save some money and help the environment at the same time? Ask us about our Engineered Segment System.

Our Engineered Segment System allows us the flexibility to manufacture many sizes and styles of Superabrasives Diamond Grinding Wheels without imposing limitations. Best Vitrified Diamond Grinding Wheels Michigan  unique manufacturing method is simple, but highly productive. We begin with a custom design of the abrasive section of the wheel utilizing individual segments, and then use a precision assembly process to create the finished product. This system provides us with the perfect tool to manufacture intricate forms based upon your exact requirements as you can witness in Superabrasives Diamond Grinding Wheels. And, with machine manufacturer’s requiring precision machined hubs and the cost of raw materials on the rise, the cost of purchasing new wheels every time is substantial. Our ES System offers an effective solution and savings in both dollars and time, by re-using an existing wheel hub and mounting new abrasive segments to it. And should a mishap occur and the wheel is damaged, we can replace ONLY the damaged segments – not the entire wheel – keeping your costs and down time to a minimum. Overall, the savings are significant

  • Individual segments can be replaced without having to replace the entire wheel.
  • Faster turnaround times.
  • Precise form design.
  • Budget – stretch your budget further
  • Help preserve the environment by limiting the amount of scrap material

Read some of our success stories and contact us to discuss how our line of vitrified CBN and diamond wheels can work for you.