Resin Bond Wheels

At SuperAbrasives, we’ve been manufacturing and developing resin bond grinding wheels for use in many industries and applications since we opened our doors in 1977 and today we continue this tradition by expanding our product line to include a cost effective bond system – our SuperSaver line of diamond and the Best CBN Grinding Wheels Ohio. These wheels are available in an assortment of sizes and combination of mesh & bond choices to cover a wide variety of applications. Read on for more details on these wheels as well as to learn about our SuperPerformance wheels – our premium bonds designed to produce superior results.

With over 60 different bonds to choose from, we have the right bond for your application.

What type of application is yours?
  • ID
  • OD
  • Centerless
  • Cut-Off
  • Creep-Feed
What are you grinding?
  • Ceramic
  • Carbide
  • Tool Steel
  • HSS Steel
  • Glass

When choosing the right wheel for your application it’s important to know the following…

Once you know what your capabilities and expectations are then you can choose the best wheel for each operation. Remember, it’s always better to choose a wheel per operation and not expect one wheel to do the job for all operations. Ask us how to make this decision.

So how do you know what is the right bond choice for you?

There are so many variables that influence your grinding operation that it can be confusing when making a choice on a grinding wheel. So, we’ve put together an easy to follow chart that lets you identify each variable that applies to your application and then see the coordinating Application ID. All you have to do is give us that ID number and we know exactly what you’re grinding – and how. From there we can assist you in choosing the best wheel for your individual needs.

Every bond system we manufacture is engineered and both internally and field tested for performance and reliability so that our customers can be confident that the wheel they’re using has proven results to provide the end results they need.

Ask us to send you our SuperSaver & SuperPerformance Wheel Catalog or contact us and we’ll walk you through the fact finding questions to identify the best bond choice for you.

Benefits of Resin Bond Wheels

All Resin bond grinding wheels that we manufacture are available in both our SuperSaver and SuperPerformance bond systems. Like our SuperSaver bond systems, our SuperPerformance bond systems are designed to give you a hassle free experience while at the same time giving you a top performing wheel that will provide that extra amount of power and performance needed in today’s tough competitive market.

.These bond systems are designed to maximize and optimize your operation and provide the combination of superior performance and cost effectiveness. We are providing the Best Resin Bond Grinding Wheels Indiana for your needs.

Super Performance

  • Improved Corner Retention
  • Longer Tool Life
  • Centerless
  • Higher Depth of Cut
  • Reduction of Cycle Times

All Resin Bond

  • Can be effectively used in the broadest range of applications
  • Available in a wide range of shapes and sizes
  • Can be formulated for both wet and dry grinding operations
  • Easy to true and dress
  • Good “free-cutting” qualities
  • Cost Effective

Specialty Wheels for Hob and Broach Grinding

Hob and broach grinding – both new and resharpening – use some of the same standard wheels as used for round tool fabrication but due to the sensitive nature of these cutting tools certain wheel characteristics are crucial. Whether your tool is made from standard material like M2, M32 or M45 your concerns are the same – Part Finish and Surface Integrity.

Our vitrified bond CBN wheels and the Best Cbn Grinding Wheels designed specifically for these applications are field tested to provide these exact requirements while producing faster cycle times and a free cutting experience.

New Developments

For carbide grinding applications, we’ve developed true Hybrid bond system by combining some of our top performing resin and metal bonds to create unique structures that outperform the norm such as our Resin Bond Diamond CBN Grinding Wheels online. Whether your application is fluting, gashing, relief, endwork, or all of them, we have numerous options for you to choose from.

And if you’re looking for Best Resin Bond Grinding Wheels Indiana there are ways to improve your HSS applications ask about our options to use Vitrified CBN – we have those, too. These bond systems are optimized for high production environments and produce desired advantages like Truing & Dressing online, Improved Cycle Times, and Higher Depth of Cut. Resin Bond Diamond CBN Grinding Wheels online will be the best investment if you trust us.

Don’t see exactly what you’re looking for – give us a call -we have many other wheel types and bond systems available to work with many other standard and precision applications. Check out the Resources (Case Studies) page for information on our product engineering and design, technical support and other special services we offer.

And if you want more detailed information, call your sales representative or contact us directly at (248) 348-7670 or