Vitrified CBN Wheels

Vitrified CBN and diamond bond wheels are a specialty at SuperAbrasives. We have developed numerous bond systems designed for precision applications of high performance materials. Whether it is in the Aerospace, Automotive, Bearing or Tool Fabrication industry. we have the experience and the products to help you.

Our high concentration Best Vitrified Bond Cbn Wheel Michigan and  Vitrified CBN grinding wheels are designed for use in high production settings where rotary dressing is utilized and have been successfully implemented into numerous production applications at automotive manufacturers for engine applications like camshaft and crankshaft grinding, transmission applications such as gear and shaft grinding and in the aerospace industry for precision grinding of turbine engine blades and OD grinding of flame sprayed carbide components just to name a few.

Do you need a solution where a high concentration wheel isn’t required? Or rotary dressing isn’t an option? Then our Maximizer family of products is the right choice for you. This unique  Best Vitrified Bond Cbn Wheel structure is characterized with flexibility and versatility for seamless integration into many manufacturing environments. Use the link above to learn more or contact your salesperson or us directly at (248) 348-7670 or

Do you want Vitrified Cbn Wheel to save you some money and help the environment at the same time? Ask us about our Engineered Segment System.

Our Engineered Segment System allows us the flexibility to manufacture many sizes and styles of Superabrasive Vitrified Cbn Wheel without imposing limitations. This unique manufacturing method is simple, but highly productive. We begin with a custom design of the abrasive section of the wheel utilizing individual segments, and then use a precision assembly process to create the finished product. This system provides us with the perfect tool to manufacture intricate forms based upon your exact requirements. And, with machine manufacturer’s requiring precision machined hubs and the cost of raw materials on the rise, the cost of purchasing new wheels every time is substantial. Our ES System offers an effective solution and savings in both dollars and time, by re-using an existing wheel hub and mounting new abrasive segments to it. And should a mishap occur and the wheel is damaged, we can replace ONLY the damaged segments – not the entire wheel – keeping your costs and down time to a minimum. Overall, the savings are significant.

  • Individual segments can be replaced without having to replace the entire wheel.
  • Faster turnaround times.
  • Precise form design.
  • Budget – stretch your budget further
  • Help preserve the environment by limiting the amount of scrap material

Read some of our success stories and contact us to discuss how our line of vitrified CBN and diamond wheels can work for you.