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QUALITY is the EDGE at SuperAbrasives. Our ISO 9001:2015 accreditation is our means to continuous improvement and commitment to our product and our customer's satisfaction.

Industries We Service

    • The manufacturing of today's high performance engines leads to higher demands being put on every step of production. Engine camshaft and crankshaft applications like lobe grinding, journal grinding, main grinding and thrust wall grinding all require a precision Vitrified CBN grinding wheel that provides a cost effective solution while maintaining quality standards. We've worked with top machine builders in this industry to understand these processes and design our vitrified grinding wheels to meet these demands.

      Our experience isn't limited to engine applications only. Our grinding wheels and honing stones are also used in transmission and chassis applications too, like gear grinding and honing; output and input shaft groove grinding; carrier groove and ID grinding; axle shaft grinding and CV joint cage grinding. Call and talk to our Automotive Application Specialist for more details.

    • Whether you are regrinding or making new tools, we have the diamond or CBN grinding wheel for you. We have worked with many of the OEM's and understand the demands of the machinery and what is required of the grinding wheels. Carbide, Stainless or High speed steel end mills, drills, punches, reamers, hole saws and the like all require multiple steps in manufacturing and we have developed bond systems and have qualified exact specifications for each operation. Talk to one of our Application Specialists about our proven products for this competitive industry.

    • Our experience in the medical industry includes grinding of medical devices and surgical instruments and spans over a wide range of applications. We have teamed with industry leading manufacturers on products such as; heart valves, catheters, surgical burrs, bone drills and screws and joint replacements like knee, hip and shoulder. Talk to our Application Specialists about our line of customized medical bond systems.